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November 18, 2007

Yada, Yada, Yada, Blog, Blog, Blog!

I was thinking I might try and get a little traffic on my blog so I sent out an email to a few family members whom I thought might actually enjoy reading it. Remind me not to do that again.

Sometimes I forget that being family isn't always fun. Family members, and I am one so I am guilty of this too, seem to think that by right of being "kin" they also have the right to criticize. Now, I know that it's not always meant to be hurtful but so much of the time we jump to criticize and completely miss what's important.

For instance, I posted a little ditty yesterday about buying handmade and passing down the artistry of our ancestors. I bragged on my mom, my husband, my son and I thought, my dad.

I have since been notified that my Dad was a very good student in grade school and high school. I know this already and in fact mentioned that he is a smart man. I also commented that he wasn't well educated. I stand corrected. He did pick up some college credits of which I was unaware and took some classes in agronomy or something of that nature...another fact of which I was unaware.

When I say "well educated" I tend to think of someone with at least a four year college education and a degree. I didn't mean to insult anyone. I need to say at this point in time that I do not consider myself well educated either. And just for the record, well educated has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence. My dad taught me that. He called people with lots of "book learning" and not much common sense "Educated Idiots". He knew plenty of them. And just so you know, my dad is one of the smartest people I know.

My error was in not mentioning his talent! His talent is in making something out of nothing. He didn't make much money in his lifetime but he never seemed to owe much either. He paid cash for pretty much everything. We always had what we needed and no, I never had to go without anything of importance. Yes, my dad is smart and talented in his own right. He just isn't into crafting things with his hands.

So, there you have it. I've spent one post correcting another. The only problem with that is that people don't tune in to read corrections and retractions. They want to read about something new and different. I had planned to blog about my dad on another day but decided to fix what I broke instead.

When I read the blog of a friend or family member I don't write them correcting their spelling or grammar nor do I feel compelled to "fact check". I enjoy it for what it is, thank the good Lord above for spell checker, and move on. I'd like to ask for that grace here as well. I sometimes misspell words and I sometimes forget to use my spell checker! (gasp!) I'm sorry about that folks, I really am! I know there are people that just can't stand to see an error in print. Oh well. I guess they won't enjoy my posts. That's okay too.

There are a lot of people in the world who don't yet know what a Blog is. Hard to believe, huh? There are even more people who don't even attempt to create a Blog. Yep! That's true too. The world will keep spinning and life will go on without so much as a "blip" on the radar.

Let me make this clear so it's not questioned somewhere down the road...this is MY journal. That means it's MY thoughts on paper for all the world the see if they want to. My risk. If I make a mistake or misstatement that will have an effect on how the world spins or world hunger then please, by all means, let me know! If it's not that important then please, look for the point to the story and move on. If you can't then please don't read at all. I have lots of pretty pictures you can look at and never have to read a word.

Wishing I were as perfect as Walter Cronkite and wishing I had the team of watch dogs he had behind him that prevented him from human error. Good night and good luck....or was that even Walter?

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