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November 28, 2009

Huge Cyber Sale....Save Your FEET...but don't wait for Monday!

I'm having a "doozy" of a sale in my Artfire Studio beginning on Sunday, November 29th..30% off almost every jewelry item in the studio.  This sale lasts two days only and you'll need to use the coupon code.  I guess it could be a bit of of a bother to look on the front page of my studio for the coupon but you ARE getting a 30% discount on unique, one of a kind, artisan made jewelry.  In fact, I've never run a sale like this...ever! 

The truth of the matter is I have a grandson now and I really, really, really NEED to send him some cool "Grandma Gifts" ...no not clothes (although there may be a few cute little outfits tucked in among the toys and books :) This is actually his second official Christmas but he kind of slept, ate, and made yucky diapers during his first.  This Christmas is the first one he will truly experience!  So come to my Studio and buy stuff so I can shop for my Grandson (he's absolutely the cutest!) and the rest of my family.  We starving artists need your help!  :)

I've added a few new sparkly things to my shop in the way of Snowflake Ornaments.  They are so pretty, available in a multitude of colors including Acid Green, Mocha Brown, Black, Purple, Aqua, Hot Pink and a soft Pearl Grey just to name a few!  There are two sizes to choose from and each comes in a pretty organza bag for gifting or storing away for safe keeping.  The best thing about decorating with snowflakes...it's a Winter thing...you won't have to pack them away until Spring arrives!  Hang them everywhere  - on packages, in your windows to catch the sunlight, or even as festive chain pulls on your lights and fans :)  I do love the sparkle of snow, don't you?  Oh, and did I mention FREE shipping on all Snowflake Ornaments purchased during the sale!?
(quickie disclaimer: free shipping in the Continental USA, Alaska, and Hawaii)

One more announcement! I'm offering gift wrap at a very affordable price. No matter what the occasion...Birthdays, Anniversaries, Promotions, and all of those Special Days throughout the year..these events continue no matter what the season. This little service is for those of us who are so busy we don't have time to wrap our gifts and for those who are, shall we say, "gift wrap challenged".  I'll bet you know a few of those people too!  I sure do and some of them live in my house :) 

Now, go browse, make a list, and get ready to place your order! You can even pay through PayPal or Amazon!  See something you would like to have for yourself?  Add it to your Amazon Wish List and send the list to whomever you think will grant YOUR wish!

In the meantime, ENJOY the holiday season!  Don't over-do, try to avoid stress, and remember what the CHRISTmas season is all about.  We've already been given the most precious gift of all! 

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy Shopping!

November 20, 2009

"New Moon" Movie Review and Jewelry

I confess, I'm an "edge of the crowd" fan of the the "Twilight" series of books.  I'm not a bleeding heart, drooling, full out addicted follower but I enjoyed the series.

Last night I took my daughter to see "New Moon" the second movie, based on the book.  It wasn't my favorite movie in the world but it certainly wasn't the worst.  Comparing it to "Twilight", the acting was better and the screenplay was much better, but the sprinkling of comical moments throughout was, in my opinion, the best and most important improvement.  I like to laugh and let's face it, life is funny sometimes. It's nice to see a sweet, exciting, teenage love triangle (bizarre as it may be) that isn't full of sex, foul language, and gore.  This movie has it's fair share of tragedy, teenage angst, and beautiful actors (Helloooo Taylor Lautner!) but this time the writers managed to blend in a bit of much needed humor and fun. 

I must admit I probably wouldn't have gone to a midnight movie release with anyone but my daughter.  Truthfully, I'm not a fan of movie theaters in general.  I'd rather wait for the DVD and watch the movie at home where I can be completely comfortable, but this "one time only" event was fun.  It's a memory she and I will share forever and those are hard to come by.

I did a search this morning for "New Moon" jewelry and found pretty much what I expected..several simple but sweet and inexpensive "movie photo" pieces, a large amount of cheap, tacky looking jewelry tagged as handmade that really isn't (adding a store bought chain to a mass produced pendant is not what I'd call handmade or handcrafted), and several nice handmade pieces that are pretty but didn't really catch my eye. However, I did find a couple of really pretty pieces worth sharing here.  I found both of them on ArtFire.com

The first is this pair of crystal earrings by a ArtFire artist "TwilighterVA". The earrings are aptly named  "Bella's Shattered Birthday Earrings"

You can purchase them here:

The second is this beautifully handmade set including a necklace and earrings featuring Sterling Silver and Moonstones by Arfire artist "t.bella" called One of a Kind Moonstone, Sterling, and FW Pearls Set.

You can purchase this set here!

Both of these are great examples of elegant, handmade style that "reflect" the mood of the movie and still allow you to wear them anytime!  My hat is off to these artists who truly know how to capture the moment and the memory with true handmade artistry!

November 18, 2009

Vitamin D Deficient?

I try to eat healthy, spend as much time outdoors as I possibly can, and stay up to date on the latest "stay healthy" information.  When my mother suggested I have my Vitamin D level checked I didn't think much about it.  I had my Vitamin D level checked a few years ago and it was "fine" according to my primary care doctor.

As many of you know I have a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and it's easy to attribute many of my physical and mental symptoms to that condition.  Recently I had a little health scare which required an MRI of the brain and a boat load of lab work.  All of the results available to my doctor earlier this week was A-OK!  Great news right? YeeHaw!

Today I got a call from my Neurologist office with the results from my Vitamin D test.  According to her office they like to see at least a level of 50 or more with optimal levels being around 80.  Now I'm not a doc so these numbers don't mean much to me.  I'm thinking "50 what"?  But I don't need to know the scientific breakdown to know that being within the "normal range" is a good thing.  As it turned out my lab results showed my Vitamin D level at 8.  Dangerously low.  Prescription required and retesting again in four months to make sure I'm at least back in the "normal range. 

"What happens if I'm not back within normal ranges?"  I ask.
The nurse says, "We take a more agressive approach."  
Hmmm.  What does that mean?  I don't know and right now it's not important to me.  One day at a time I'll deal with this but in the meantime I did a little research on my own.  Holy cow!  I had no idea how much trouble a body can experience when it is deficient in Vitamin D or how prevalent this condition is becoming in the general public! 

I've attached a web link to the title of this post.  Please take the time to read the article!  If you have any of these symptoms then I would strongly encourage you to talk to your doctor about having a simple blood test. 

This is not something you can "self-diagnose" but you must be self aware.  No one knows your body as well as you do but it's easy to assume that you're tired because of overwork, lack of sleep, or stress.  We like to think there is nothing seriously wrong.  But why take a chance when it's something that could be easily addressed? 

I'm climbing down off of my soapbox now :)  I know this is not what you might expect to read on this blog but sometimes I have to share information for the greater good.  If just one reader of this blog is helped because of this post then I've done something to help.  It will not sell my jewelry and it will not further the popularity of my designs, and it might be considered right down boring. So be it.

A shout out is required here to my mom....Thank you! You are hearby granted a pass to "gloat" (a little) and you have every right to say "I told you so!" Enjoy this moment Mom :)  You've earned it!

November 16, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

I just returned from a visit with my Neurologist.  She had GOOD news!  After a bit of a scare last week I had an emergency MRI of the ole brain and a bunch of lab work.  The results are in and all is well :)  Not normal but then again, I wasn't expecting "normal" :D  Afterall, who's to say what's normal and what's not?  I've never quite understood the word.  What's normal for me is never considered the same for anyone else...you can ask my mother!  She'll tell you I've never done anything the old fashioned way, whether it's my work, my life style, or my health.  It's good to be different!  My life is definitely interesting :)  Thank God!...and I mean that literally.  He knows I bore easily!
Live Joyfully!

November 12, 2009

Holiday Sparkle for Your Home!

I've added a few new items to my ArtFire Studio.  They aren't the usual jewelry items I generally sell but pretties for your Christmas tree, Holiday packages, or even to add a pretty sparkle to your window.  These are Snowflakes but they aren't all whitel or icy crystal...we get a lot of those naturally.  These snowflakes are available in many colors from Red to Peach, Purple to Blue.  Don't see a color you want?  They can be ordered in any color you prefer! 

Did I mention each snowflake arrives with a pretty handcrafted non-tarnishing silver hook?  They also come packaged in a lovely little white organza drawstring bag with just a touch of glitter.

Great little "teacher" gifts, or stocking stuffers, order two or three and be prepared for those unexpected gift giving ocassions! 

Hint: The great thing about Snowflakes?  You don't have to pack them away after Christmas...they can stay out all winter long!

November 09, 2009

Just two more days to save!

Big 20% off sale on all items in my ArtFire Studio! Use coupon code "IndianSummer09" at check out to get the discount. Sale ends at midnight November 11, 2009! Start shopping for the holidays now!

Wouldn't these earrings be just perfect for your holiday festivities?

November 08, 2009

Indian Summer Sale in my ArtFire Studio!

SAVE 20.00 % On
All Items
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November 02, 2009

And the Facebook Fan Page Winners are.......

A short while ago I announced that five names would be drawn from the first 100 of my Facebook Fans and each would receive a FREE pair of earrings!  Well the names have been drawn and the winners are:

Christianne de Vries
Jon Young
Nancy Gant
Jenelle Aubade
Neal W. Rohrbach


Stay tuned for the next give away! 

Giveaway! (Please read entire post)

Giveaway! (Please read entire post)