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November 16, 2007

blue swirl dichroic pendant necklace

Wow! This makes a statement doesn't it? No, "statement" isn't really the word. It just screams "Look at ME!" And you really should too! It's just gorgeous if I do say so myself.

I bought this 2"x2" dichroic pendant from an artist by the name of Elaine LaFlex-Green in Billings, MT. She said she loved it but could never quite "see" it in finished piece. I guess her Muse went on vacation ... and a good thing for me!

It took a while for my Muse to get used to working with a pendant this charismatic. I tried several differnt things and then another artist friend came my way and handed me a spool of painted leather. It was irridescent and she just hadn't been able to use it - her muse must have gone on vacation too. The minute I saw it I knew just exactly what I was going to use it for....

And this pendant was on it's way to having a derserving cord. I kept thinking that as much as I loved the leather it really needed a partner in crime and that had to be Sterling Silver chain. So, recently I attended a great gem show and ran right into this chain! And here it is. The Big Blue Swirl was born :D

I love the Sterling Silver Swirl bead so I wire wrapped it and Swarovski Crystals right onto the chain.

This piece takes center stage and I'm thinking you won't need to wear much jewelry to go with it!

The necklace measures 26" in length from end to end - that includes the two inch width of the pendant. The drop on the pendant is just a shade over 2".

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