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March 18, 2011

Something YOU can do to help! - Artists for Japan

A Facebook friend who is also a wonderful jewelry artist and bead seller is helping with this awesome project through the American Red Cross.  It's called Artists for Japan and all artists can help the needy in Japan by donating their work to the cause. If you'd like to participate by donating just click on the link above and go to the "Discussions" page then click on "How to Help".  All instructions are there.

I'm planning to donate a piece for this great cause as well! I'm not sure which one yet but you'll see it posted on the Artists for Japan Facebook page when I figure it out.

Here is the information from the page if you wish to see items donated or purchase an item:

About: Handcrafted beaded art and jewelry to benefit the American Red Cross' Japan relief effort.

Description: This page contains handcrafted beaded art and jewelry. All work has been donated by the artist, with the proceeds going to support the American Red Cross as it helps the people of Japan begin to rebuild.
Purchase of these items will not only make you feel good as you wear the item or display the piece, but will also make the difference in a person's life.

I just want to note that there are many artists, not just bead and jewelry artists who have posted about items they are selling and donating the proceeds from those sales to the American Red Cross or other relief groups. Please take a look at those items as well!

Thanks :)

Rings and Things Design Challenge

You know, every year has its ups and downs and for me the last couple of years have been mostly downs. But you don't want to hear about those!
One of the biggest "ups" has been Rings and Things. They have the greatest items, customer service and fun ways to win free stuff. I've been fortunate to be a winner a few times already so I had to share this latest Design Challenge! I really want these gorgeous copper beads!! So if you want them too we're in competition :)  However I promise to to compete with you fair and square for these groovy brushed copper beads and discs!
 Just click on the title of this post to read all about it on the Rings and Things Blog.  Can't wait to see who gets to play with these awesome goodies and the designs they will come up with! 
Hope to see you there :)