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November 21, 2007

Carmen Miranda Meets Prince Set

I know we're coming up on the Fall and Winter seasons but I love purple. I kept thinking about the rain we have here in Missouri in the Fall and "Purple Rain" just kind of led to Prince...besides yellow, red, orange...all of them look great with purple. Well, okay maybe not but just check out the cool beaded beads I made to use on the clasp and earrings in this set. I swear Prince would love to see Carmen Miranda in this bracelet and earrings! Am I rambling or it is just me? Sorry..

I used assorted shades and sizes of purple seed beads along with Bali spacers and findings. The glass beads on the bracelet make a great "jingly" sound when you shake it and the back of the bracelet is really smooth against the skin.
Wearing it just makes you feel good! Gives you a little cha-cha in your step if you know what I mean.

The bracelet measures 7-1/2" plus the bead and loop clasp. My wrist is 6-3/4" and this is a great fit. It moves and slides but doesn't threaten to fall off. Because of the way it's made size cannot be adjusted.

Be sure to look at the photos for detail. I try to show front and back and get the best color possible although with purple it's always a gamble on what color you'll see on the monitor. The earrings are on Bali ear wires and measure 1-1/2" from the top of the ear wire.

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