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July 26, 2009

It's a Beautiful Sunday Morning!

It's bright and beautiful this morning! I hope you enjoy this gorgeous day and spend it reflecting on the BLESSINGS in your life. Whether it's praising God in a building filled with music and uplifting words or from your sunlit deck with a cup of coffee, remember to give thanks!

I would be in my tiny little church this morning except for a tiny little kidney stone that feels much bigger than it really is. "This too shall pass." Hopefully without help or a trip to the hospital. In the meantime, I am determined to be thankful it is not something much worse. I am determined to remember that Jesus suffered much more than I ever will and he would have done it just for me had I been the only one alive to receive the most precious of gifts.

I'm not here to preach. I'm here to praise an audience of one. He is the only one and I'm thankful for each day I am still here, alive and able to create, write, speak, breathe.......

Live joyfully! I try to live by that mantra. Some days are harder than others. Some days I let others influence my thoughts, my feelings, my attitude. Some days I let my health and physical pain guide my actions. That's when I hunker down and pray to be lifted up. He never fails me.

So today, while I wait for this stone to pass and the pain to ease I will remember that I am blessed to be here, at home, with my laptop, a cup of coffee, and the sun shining down from a beautiful sky.

I thank God.

July 15, 2009

I'm Teaching Again

I just confirmed the dates for my fall class schedule! I'll be teaching at the Genevieve Flynn Studio in the Art District of Kansas City, MO. Genevieve is a wonderful artist in her own right, creating the most beautiful jewelry and an assortment of other fine things to add to your home wish list.

I met Genevieve several years ago but finally took her Beginning Silversmith Class last year. What a great investment! She is a superb instructor, has a wonderful personality, and is incredibly willing to help her students. She also hosts "First Friday" events each month featuring local artists and their work.

Genevieve has graciously offered the use of her studio for my classes. Although I won't be teaching Silversmith classes (heaven forbid!), I will be teaching classes in Wire Wrapping from the very most basic techniques to more involved pieces and some that are just fun and fairly easy to learn.

I'm including photos here of just a few of the items that can be made in my classes. Please visit Genevieve's website for a complete listing of classes available, the dates, fees, and more by clicking on this link: http://www.genevieveflynn.com/genevieveflynn.com/ or the title of this post.

Join us in class! I promise you'll have a blast and go home with a great piece you'll be proud to show your friends!!

Beginning Wire Work I

The most basic class. I was once told that you must be "brilliant at the basics" to become the best at what you try to achieve. That's what this class is all about. The tools, choosing the right wire for your project, safety, and basic wire sculpture. You'll make a bracelet similar to the one shown here. It's great worn just as you see it here or even better...add charms or bead drops to dress it up! Fun and informative. This is the first class in the series and required for those having no prior experience in wire wrapping.

Beginning Wire Work II

The next step in wire wrapping! You'll learn to make beautiful wire wrapped loops, add beads and other items to your work as well as make basic earrings, coils, simple handmade clasps to compliment your work and a whole new bag of tricks! This class will open up your world of wire wrapping to a new level of competency. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, all are suddenly available limited only by your imagination.

Little Brown Nest Pendant or Ring

This little brown nest is one of my favorite projects to make. Complete with three sweet little eggs this piece can be worn as a pendant or with just a few changes be transformed into a ring. You could even make earrings to match. Chain shown is not included but an assortment of cords and chains will be available for purchase if you like. You get to choose your "eggs" from an assortment of beads available in class. This piece is from the "Chrissy Marie" line.

Nested Pearl Ring

Funky or fabulous, this ring is a real stand out and a favorite of my clients. You'll get to choose from an assortment of large Swarovski glass pearls and beads as well as the type of metal wire you prefer. Make just one or make a few! These are great gifts for friends as

Wire Wrapped Stone Donut Pendant
No, they aren't edible but they are just delicious!
Choose a stone donut from a large selection and then start choosing the beads, stones, pearls, or charms you'll need to embellish the stone. Make it as simple or ornate as you want! Size, shapes, and stone colors will vary so be sure to get to class on time so you get to pick your favorites!
Each pendant includes a champagne or black satin cord so you can wear it home. These are fun and surprisingly easy to make. If you're a bit unsure about choosing your own beads.....a few ready made kits will be available as well.