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This is also the home of "ChrissyMarie Jewelry and Accessories", named for my daughter! Twenty-Five Percent of all sales from this line are donated to B.I.T.S. aka "Better in the Saddle", a local non-profit Equine Assisted Therapy Program ....because we KNOW horses help make miracles!


October 04, 2010

Chrissy Marie has a brand new Artfire Studio!

Hammered Copper and Sterling Silver Circle Earrings
 Well, I finally did it! I started a separate new Studio for my Chrissy Marie line of jewelry and accessories.  I started off on ArtFire combining both lines of jewelry but I think it was a bit confusing. Chrissy Marie is my daughter and this line is dedicated to her.  It's all about being young at heart, trendy, spirited, and super affordable.

If you keep up with this blog at all you know that we, as a family, truly believe in Equine Assisted Therapy (Also called Hippo therapy or Therapeutic Riding).  Chrissy started riding with a local group several years ago and could hardly function socially and mentally.  Soon after she began riding we saw amazing progress! Over the years we have been astounded at the progress she made and the young woman she has become.  Unfortunately the group she rode with moved outside of our area but a new program was born to replace it.  Chrissy will now be riding as an advanced rider in special shows and rodeos as well a volunteering in the program as a trained Horse Handler and Side Walker.

Back in May I began riding in an experimental Equine Assisted Therapy program to see if riding more often would have a bigger or more long lasting effect on disabled riders.  It was an amazing experience and even  more amazing....Chrissy assisted as my Horse Handler and Side Walker! We've switched roles :)

Unfortunately, due to an extremely wet, hot summer I had to give up riding for a few months.  I have a "broken" internal thermostat and take medication that does not allow me to tolerate extreme heat.  However I'm looking forward to getting back in the saddle again soon.

Run For the Roses Arabian Horse Magnet
 Twenty-five percent of all sales from the Chrissy Marie shop will go to the new local Equine Assisted Therapy Program - "Better in the Saddle" aka "B.I.T.S." They are struggling a bit (no pun intended) to get up and running so I'm trying to help as much as I can.  While some items are equine or horse related, most are not. Come see what I have in the Studio and check back often as I'll be adding new goodies as often as possible!

Hope to see you soon :)

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Dave Robertson said...

Hi Adrienne,

Neat new Artfire studio, and a neat cause to donate to!

I want to also let you know via your blog (how appropriate), that you've been selected as one of Rings & Things' September "Blog Partners" winners!

Email me, or contact me via Facebook or Twitter, to let me know your postal address - - and I'll get your "Goodie Bag" right to you!


-- Dave
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