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October 08, 2010

The BEST way to sell Jewelry...Separates or Sets?

This is and has been a conundrum of sorts for me and I assume many other jewelry artisans.  How would my customers prefer to buy jewelry? I used to sell all matching pieces in a set but it seemed I was constantly getting requests to purchase only one or two items in a set.  I changed my listing strategy and started offering matching pieces but everything was sold separately.  If a customer bought two or more items from a matched set I offered discounted shipping and/or a discount on the purchase of those items.

However, this morning I had a little discussion with some of my Facebook friends and asked for their input.  In today's economy I would have assumed they would prefer to buy items separately but much to my surprise they preferred to buy in sets!  The reasons...the "complete look" and convenience - not having to shop around for matching pieces.

I've also had people tell me they don't like to buy "matchy matchy" jewelry. They preferred a more freestyle appearance, items that worked well together but weren't an exact match. Now I'm completely confused!!

I make a lot of necklaces and bracelets.  I also make a lot of earrings that would match them but I haven't been selling them as sets.  Why? Because I may create two or even three entirely different styles of earrings that would "match" the necklace or earrings.  It seems, in the world of jewelry, there are as many different approaches to shopping and buying as there are styles available for sale. I want to give my customers options. I want to give them variety.  I want to make my jewelry affordable and guilt free! 

Full view photo Pink and Brown Stripe Jasper Necklace

 For example, this is a necklace I created using a carved Pink and Brown Stripe Jasper Leaf as the focal piece. 

Cropped photo for a more detail (1)

I used a medium weight Sterling Silver Rolo chain to connect the various wire wrapped bead sections. The "sections" included: Wood and Bali beads, Lodolite Quartz and Rose Quartz, and the last sections were made up of single gemstone beads with double extender chains.  The "S" style clasp is handmade and hammered Sterling Silver.

 This necklace can either be all about a natural, earthy look or all about classic elegance. Knowing I needed to be able to meet the needs of either style I made two pair of earrings to match giving my customers a choice of styles. 

The first, a pair of Wood and Bali Bead drop earrings on Bali Silver headpins. I used the same wood beads used in the necklace. They are more casual. A very simple, earthy, and light weight design.

Then I designed a second pair of earrings.  These are gemstone earrings.  I combined Lodolite Quartz beads and Rose Quartz with Bali beads suspended from the same Sterling Silver Rolo Chain used in the necklace. The ear wires are Bali Silver. Handmade sterling silver coiled headpins add a touch of artisan elegance. These earrings are definitely more dressy. 

Which brings me back to my original question....Separates or Sets? Which pair would you sell with the necklace in a set?  Or...would you sell the earrings separately so the customer can choose the earrings of THEIR choice? 

I have yet to list these items simply because I can't quite figure out how to market them.  I would really like to hear from you..ALL of you! If you're a seller, I'd love to get your take on the subject. More importantly if you are a past, current, or a potential customer.  I want to hear from YOU!  How would you prefer to buy this jewelry?  Sets or Separates? 
Oh heck!  I know I'm over-thinking this...Maybe I should offer both pair of earrings and the necklace as a set!  Just think, you could wear the necklace with blue jeans and a t-shirt AND with a classic sheath dress or suit.  A complete range of style and all you have to do is change the earrings... (and of course your shoes :) 

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