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October 30, 2010

ArtFire Collections sure make a Gal feel good!

I love ArtFire Collections :)  When someone chooses one of my designs it feels good. When another artist includes one of my designs in a Collection, well, it make me feel GREAT!  It's always an honor to be included with other artisans especially when you take into account just how many pieces they have to choose from...kind of mind boggling for me.  (We all know it's not hard to "boggle" MY mind :)

This Collection features my Wire Wrapped Purple Sugilite and Sterling Silver pendant and....

 This Collection features a pendant necklace I call "Ocean Dreams" ...
 but really...you should go look at all of the beautiful Collections!

I've been especially blessed and have had several pieces featured in ArtFire Collections.  I know how very fortunate I am and honestly I hadn't really thought about sharing these "mini awards" here - on my Blog page until today.  I don't know why exactly except I get SO excited when it happens and I start doing my happy dance. Then my brain goes on hold and I can't figure out how to do anything but post it on my Face book page or tweet about it - they have buttons right there on the page to make it simple for those of us not-so-computer-literate artists.  And that's another thing...I still feel weird using the word "artist" or "designer" when referring to myself!  I'm just me. Good old what you see is what you get Adrienne.  Maybe that's why these little pats on the back, from people I truly respect, mean so much :) Anyway, I hope you'll go visit the links and take it all in.  It's an amazing experience immersed with color and design, texture and imagination...enjoy!

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