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September 29, 2010

Can a Caterpillar Fringe Bracelet make you rich?

This is a photo of my current project, a custom ordered beaded fringe bracelet. It isn't finished yet but already I'm starting to second guess myself. I just hate it when that happens! Ahhh, the joys of custom jewelry design :)
My client wanted a piece in shades of deep blue with purple and lavender highlights. It's been a while since I made one of these and I'm just a bit apprehensive it won't be quite big enough. There may not be enough "play" due to the thickness of the fringe. Of course it doesn't help that my wrist is larger than my client's so I can't really try it on for size. I have a couple of adjustment ideas-just in case-but the truth is, I simply won't know for sure until she tries it on for size.
All in all, even if I have to restring every single bead my most important goal is having a customer who is completely satisfied with the purchase, the quality, and the service I provide. Unhappy customers seldom return and to my knowledge I don't have a single unhappy customer. If I do it's because I was never notified of a problem and I encourage any and all of my customers to let me know if there are any problems or concerns..ever! If it breaks, I'll repair it free of charge even if it's due to a weakness in or complete failure of a manufactured component. Maybe that's not the best approach if my goal is to get rich, but I never expected to get rich. Making loads of money was never my goal :)
In my skewed little world "rich" isn't about how much money I make. "Rich" is having earned the respect of my peers, building a reputation for creating unique designs with quality construction and offering the very best in customer service. Getting positive feedback is every bit if not more satisfying then any payment I receive. The money is a necessity. It's about having the freedom to purchase new goodies for my supply bin, restock the basics, and upgrade the tools of my trade. (Everyone knows you can never have too many tools!!)
Success is having a customer tell me their new "treasure" is worth every penny and exactly what they wanted...there's just nothing like it :)
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