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March 10, 2008

KC Etsy Street Team Members

Just wanted to make something VERY clear regarding my experience with KC Etsy. I have nothing against the members of KC Etsy in general. What happened to me was an issue that did not involve the group as a whole. There are wonderful people in this group! They have beautiful handcrafted art to sell from every genre imaginable. Please, please, please shop with these artists.

Not all of the officers/leaders are a problem and I can't name those who are so, what the heck, just shop with everyone! Just because we have different opinions on how a Team is supposed to work doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy the wonderful shopping! I'll even tell you about my favorites!

Shelli of MondeDesigns has the most gorgeous custom embroidered wedding items! http://mondedesign.etsy.com/

Suzanne of Dumb Kid Designs has the cutest little wallets you've ever seen. Great little gifts for anyone! http://dumbkiddesigns.etsy.com/

Cindy of Cinderelish has a wonderful shop full of colorful pottery and tableware. I'd love to have several of her pieces too! http://cinderelish.etsy.com/

My competitor in jewelry design is Julie. A sweet lady with a great eye! Her store link is here: http://jewlli.etsy.com/

Another favorite is here at http://busymomcreations.etsy.com/. She truly is a very busy mom and still has time to make very cool stuff!

Click here for the most elegant greeting cards you've ever held in your hands!http://bbesigns.etsy.com/

And for the sweetest children's linens and infant needs click here: http://tinystitches.etsy.com/
This is one of the reasons I can't wait to be a Grandma!

That is just a sampling of the creative artists on the KC Etsy Street Team. So give THEM a chance and help them grow. You can't let a couple of bad apples spoil it for the whole bunch!

Now go shop! And don't forget to stop off at my store too :D

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