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March 09, 2008

Changes....good, better, and best! Part II

Things happen for a reason. I'm just sure of it! I may not understand and frankly, I don't need to understand everything that goes on in my world. Just knowing that a purpose was served is enough for me. Change is a stressful thing but not all change is a bad thing.

In my first post about change I told you about the hard lesson I learned about being in a group without leadership and I mentioned how much I love being a part of my church. It was because of a sermon my pastor presented a few weeks ago that I decided to make a change in the groups I had become involved with. I realized that it's hard to expect Christian and Faith based behavior from people who don't live it everyday.

I joined CAST, the Christian Artists Street Team on Etsy.com. The welcome was quiet but sweet. The change in attitude amazing and the craftsmanship? Well, let's just say there are some pieces of art that are of Divine Inspiration! I'm meeting new people who are led by the the very best - God. Who better to lead?

I know that sounds a little naive. The point is, with God in the hearts of the membership we have a better chance of succeeding as a group and surviving as friends. Sharing the same values make a huge difference!

I'm finding that I don't always make the best choices for myself the first time around. (I don't know why that always surprises me!) Sometimes we just have to listen to the messages coming in around us and concentrate on God's voice, push out the harsh tones of those who bully and hurt us, lean on those who support and lift us up...and make a change for the better!

Check out the art of the Etsy CAST team by clicking on the title of this post. There is real talent here....

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