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November 28, 2009

Huge Cyber Sale....Save Your FEET...but don't wait for Monday!

I'm having a "doozy" of a sale in my Artfire Studio beginning on Sunday, November 29th..30% off almost every jewelry item in the studio.  This sale lasts two days only and you'll need to use the coupon code.  I guess it could be a bit of of a bother to look on the front page of my studio for the coupon but you ARE getting a 30% discount on unique, one of a kind, artisan made jewelry.  In fact, I've never run a sale like this...ever! 

The truth of the matter is I have a grandson now and I really, really, really NEED to send him some cool "Grandma Gifts" ...no not clothes (although there may be a few cute little outfits tucked in among the toys and books :) This is actually his second official Christmas but he kind of slept, ate, and made yucky diapers during his first.  This Christmas is the first one he will truly experience!  So come to my Studio and buy stuff so I can shop for my Grandson (he's absolutely the cutest!) and the rest of my family.  We starving artists need your help!  :)

I've added a few new sparkly things to my shop in the way of Snowflake Ornaments.  They are so pretty, available in a multitude of colors including Acid Green, Mocha Brown, Black, Purple, Aqua, Hot Pink and a soft Pearl Grey just to name a few!  There are two sizes to choose from and each comes in a pretty organza bag for gifting or storing away for safe keeping.  The best thing about decorating with snowflakes...it's a Winter thing...you won't have to pack them away until Spring arrives!  Hang them everywhere  - on packages, in your windows to catch the sunlight, or even as festive chain pulls on your lights and fans :)  I do love the sparkle of snow, don't you?  Oh, and did I mention FREE shipping on all Snowflake Ornaments purchased during the sale!?
(quickie disclaimer: free shipping in the Continental USA, Alaska, and Hawaii)

One more announcement! I'm offering gift wrap at a very affordable price. No matter what the occasion...Birthdays, Anniversaries, Promotions, and all of those Special Days throughout the year..these events continue no matter what the season. This little service is for those of us who are so busy we don't have time to wrap our gifts and for those who are, shall we say, "gift wrap challenged".  I'll bet you know a few of those people too!  I sure do and some of them live in my house :) 

Now, go browse, make a list, and get ready to place your order! You can even pay through PayPal or Amazon!  See something you would like to have for yourself?  Add it to your Amazon Wish List and send the list to whomever you think will grant YOUR wish!

In the meantime, ENJOY the holiday season!  Don't over-do, try to avoid stress, and remember what the CHRISTmas season is all about.  We've already been given the most precious gift of all! 

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy Shopping!

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