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September 06, 2009

It's been an Amazing two weeks!

Wow! In two weeks time I have experienced such a myriad of events. I'm almost speechless...and that is very rare for me.

Let's see....

1. Evidently I've been in the "lost and found" box for about 40 years. I was adopted when I was a wee child and have recently been found by ten siblings I had no idea existed.

2. I am of French Canadian descent and I've been pronouncing my last name incorrectly for the last 50 years. For those of you who speak "Missouri French" the name "Thibeault" is NOT pronounced "thigh-bolt" but "T-bo" (right?)

3. I am surrounded by a group of women who are truly amazing and inspiring!

4. Sciatica is NOT fun and IS very painful.

5. I'm married to "Rip Van Winkle" at least until he get used to being back at work on a full time job...hard for us "old people".

6. I'm helping launch a new Equine Therapy group-another passion of mine...if you're interested in helping or donating to the cause contact me!

7. I've decided to return to my free-lance journalistic roots and write a book...actually one of several if all goes as planned. People have been urging me to do this for years. I think it's time.

8. I have an incredibly blessed life! (not news really but it's nice to be reminded..)

9. And last but not least, business is picking up...Yea!

I think that's everything. It sure seems like a lot in a short period of time! A friend told me the other day "They ride the roller coaster of my life with me". Yep! That's a pretty darned good description!

Have a great week my friends. Live life joyfully!


devon spec said...

it's been amazing, and scary i'm sure but just remember that along with all that comes realization of who you are. you are a mother and a wife first. and you don't have to bow down to what people want you to be. bloodlines do not equal friendship. you know what i mean. loved talking to you the other day. your new work is AMAZING and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

AdrienneDesigns said...

You are so right Devon! I've heard three times in this past week, "Blood is NOT thicker than water!" and I think that is so true. Maybe in past generations it was all about the bloodline but now that line gets broken and blurred.
First, always I am a child of God, Barry's wife, Nick and Chrissy's mom, and Kingsley's grandma. After all of them...I am an artist and even with all of the new people in my life those facts can never be altered! It's wonderful to make contact but it's more amazing to have this new information and realize it does not alter or define who I am! Thanks for the reminder my friend!