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October 22, 2009

October Rain

I was watching it rain on this dreary, cold October morning. Still warm and cozy in my PJ’s with a mug of hot coffee in my hand, I was not looking forward to getting out or worse yet, getting wet.    

Of course staying inside where it's warm and dry is not an option when you're daughter works in a horse stable and you are the designated driver for the day. Horses and livestock have to be fed. Period. She made a commitment. Period. I was feeling a little grumpy about it. They aren’t even my horses! Harrumph!

Being the Mom I am and determined to teach my girl “by example”, we got dressed and off we went in the pouring rain. Poor kid, I drove her crazy all the way to the barn, "Have you got a rain coat?" "What did you pack in your lunch?" "Will you be warm enough?" “Are those boots going to keep your feet dry?" (Oh noooo! She forgot her muck boots! Bad mommy! Bad mommy!) She endured my questions with her usual ruffle proof attitude. Finally, I released my prisoner and started the drive back home in hard rain, heavy traffic, and sporting a bad attitude. Harrumph!!

Then I noticed the trees, the fields, and all the COLOR! In spite of the rain, it was pretty. Ok, more than pretty, it was gorgeous! I started thinking about the trees and bushes around me, making a mental note of which ones I wanted to be sure and photograph later today. My mood started to improve. Begrudgingly, I decided life was not a complete "pit".

Now that I'm back home, wide awake, and inside my warm house, a second cup of java close at hand, I've been looking at my yard. It is looking decidedly flamboyant!

Ahhh! Fall! It is time to enjoy the smell of wood smoke from a nearby fireplace, hot cider, and crisp, juicy apples. It is time to enjoy the nip in the air, whirling leaves, raking the lawn, and preparing the house for winter.

It is that time of year in Missouri when the dogs race around the yard with reckless and joyful abandon just because it feels good to be cool and not drowning in the humidity of summer. Suddenly I realized I am looking forward to laughing as they attack the “monster leaf rakes” invading their territory and barking at “critters” in the nearby woods still unseen but noisily revealed by crunching leaves.

Hmmm. I had forgotten. I love this season with all of its brilliant color, cool days and cold nights, and yes, I even love October rain.

Oh! I remember now what it is I really do not enjoy. It’s MORNING! I am not a morning person and that is a non-seasonal malady. Harrumph!

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