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December 31, 2008

The year goes out with trip to the Emergency Room!

I thought I would find something constructive to do with my day off today. I've been pretty useless or it seems that way when I'm overwhelmed with a million things to do....

I decided to work on basic stuff around the house while my DH, sweet man that he is, went off to do a bit of home maintanance work for some friends from church.

Have I ever mentioned that my DH is accident prone? Did I mention that today's activity required the use of a circular saw? Oh. Well, I probably should have mentioned that first.

He called me this afternoon sounding a bit stressed and asked me to call the Dr's office....he was on his way and wanted them to know he was coming...he cut his hand. "How bad is it?" I ask. Says he, "Not bad but it's bleeding pretty good so just meet me there."

Okay, after 25 years living with this man I know the signs of shock and denial...he was exhibiting all of them. I met him at the Dr's office (she wouldn't even let hime check in!) and rushed him to the Emergency Room.

His hand actually looked pretty good and didn't appear to be bleeding too bad so I wasn't panicked but there had definitely been some major bleeding involved. Of course, the E.R. is packed to the roof with all kinds of patients suffering all kinds of maladies.

Short story? Four hours later we walked out of the E.R. Barry had all 10 of his fingers but two of them were wearing stitches. His left ring finger only took three stitches to close. The left index finger.....8 stitches to close and that was after a major trim job by the Doc. That finger was pretty mangled. He's very lucky to have it at all!

So, thank heaven for E.R.'s and E.R. Doctors and nurses, all night pharmacies, and pain pills.

Think I'll go to bed and say my prayers and thank God I can still hold my husband's hand in mine.

BTW - didn't get a darned thing accomplished today but I was definitely where I needed to be!

Update later.....


devon spec said...

AH that is the worst feeling. in the 2 years we've been married, he's had stitches (twice?) and i've had them once. that seems a bit excessive...

AdrienneDesigns said...

Want to hear about excessive? Between Barry and I and our two children? We know the ER Docs quite well and most of the staff. That's excessive!

I think we're all accident prone ;)