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December 18, 2008

Inspired by an Infant

It's been a long time since I 've had a chance to sit down and just breathe. I was musing over the infant that inspired all of this holiday madness and wondering if He would have wanted us to be going crazy or just remembering Him during this Christmas season. Didn't really have to think too hard on that one. I think He'd rather have us slow down and remember than run amuck and stress out.

Of course thinking of one infant led to thinking of another....I was missing my little Kingsley and decided to put together an Etsy Treasury of things I'd use to keep him warm this winter. Click on the title of this entry and it will link you to a wonderland of warm babies! Enjoy!

Note: While there are some really beautiful babies out there...there just aren't any as beautiful as my grandson :)

Happy Holidays!


devon spec said...

oh... i know one that just might be as beautiful. but i'm biased. ;)

so, in the vain of this post, my BIL told me a guy he works with (i think that's who he said..) only buys 3 gifts for his kids each. why 3? because jesus was only gifted 3 gifts, and do his children think they are better than Christ? i think not.

who can argue with that logic!? not even a 5 year old. lol.

AdrienneDesigns said...

You know, I agree with him completely! I have done that same thing over the last few years. Really cuts down on the stress and spending. Not to mention...I can actually spend part of the holiday enjoying myself instead of shopping!