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April 17, 2008

Long time no blog time....

Hey there! I'm back again after taking a bit of time off. I mentioned earlier that I'd started a new job - part time but still very.....hmmmm....stressful isn't exactly the word. Let's just say it's always an adventure and I never know what I'm going to find when I show up. In a home with several Foster Kids there is always something going on and a new crisis every day.

I'm really enjoying this work. I haven't had much time or energy to spend on my jewelry art but I'm not feeling the urge at the moment. I truly think we are directed by God minute by minute each and every day. I think He is directing my energy in a different direction at the moment.

I haven't stopped working at my art I've just slowed down. I actually have had quite a few custom pieces in the works and sold a few in my Etsy store. It is still a busy little studio.

Yesterday I decided to take a couple of the girls to Sonic. My daughter was along and it was a really beautiful day so I'm thinking "Why not go to the drive-in and get a cold drink?" Okay, it really did seem like a simple thing to do but anyone who knows me also knows that "weird" just follows me around. I can't seem to get rid of it!

We're sitting at the drive in, we've placed our drink order and we're just hanging out. After about fifteen minutes went by I pushed the "call" button and inquired about our order. I mean, it was just a few drinks and a chicken wrap so it shouldn't take long to whip up. The guy assured me my order would be the next one delivered. Cool. So we're just sitting there hanging out and another fifteen minutes went by and still no drinks. I noticed that the line for the drive up window is buzzing along pretty fast so I pushed the "call" button again and asked if I should go through the drive up window to get my order. I mean, good grief!

Once again I was assured that our order would be right out! So, I'm not feeling real positive about the whole experience. It's getting warm sitting in the sun, we're thirsty, a little frustrated, and keep in mind I'm sitting in the car with two teenage girls and one pre-teen girl. Patience at this age is not in the vocabulary nor has it developed into a virtue. Imagine huge sighs, rolling eyes and loads of drama.

Finally after a couple more inquiries and having to repeat my order SIX times, I was assured our order was on it's way out and would be FREE! Yes, after 40 minutes of waiting for "Fast Food" the young man finally delivered.

He was very sweet and polite and apologetic. I'm thinking he must be having to handle this place all by himself, imagining that his co-workers didn't show up and just left him holding the bag. I have a really active imagination and am entirely too soft hearted for my own good, but that's a blog for another day......

I started my car (which is very quiet and I can hardly ever hear it running) and put it in reverse to back out of the little stall we were in. Something just seemed completely weird. I was rolling backward, I was in reverse, but there was something missing....oh, I know! My car was DEAD. No power at all left in this battery. I'd been sitting there so long that my battery had been leached of all it's juice. Now I'm not saying I'm the most patient person in the world but this just flabbergasted me and my last bit of patience was stubbed right out.

Did I mention that I was supposed to be meeting a man I don't know to give him an item I'd sold on Ebay for my husband...in a matter of minutes? Must have left that out. Just another little tidbit to add to an already weird experience. So, just keep in mind that a strange man is about to show up at my workplace and no one will know who he is or what he wants if in fact there is anyone home at all. I really needed to get back to work.

I called my DH on the cell phone to ask his advice. I'm in a town I don't know much about except how to get to the places I absolutely need to know about. My boss and only contact isn't home and probably couldn't help me anyway. What does my husband say? Well, let's just say that after we discussed his decision to cancel my "Onstar" coverage and his suggestion that I call a car dealership twenty five miles away for assistance I decided it would be best if I handled it myself.

I got out of my car with the intention of asking every customer at the Drive-In for assistance, specifically a set of jumper cables and a jump start. Mid afternoon crowds at this Drive-In seem to be pretty sparse so I nabbed the first people I saw...three professionally dressed middle aged men conversing just in front of the building. I politely interrupted the conversation and asked for help in the form of jumper cables or a jump start. They looked at me like I had three heads! It didn't appear that any of them knew what jumper cables are much less what to do with them. They suggested I call the local Police Station for help. I'm thinking the Police have better things to do with their time. I gave up on the three musketeers and moved on.

My next move was to go inside the building that I'm sure is being manned by one lone employee thus the long wait for service. I walked in and six...yes I did say six employees looked up at me in complete disbelief. How dare a civilian WALK into said Drive-In!

Once the shock had worn off they began asking if I needed help. I told them that due to my extended wait for service my car battery was dead and I needed help - whatever was offered. One young man sporting a glorious black eye held up his hand and volunteered that he had jumper cables in his car. A man I assumed was the Manager gave his permission and the boy and I walked out to my car. Comrades.

He pulled his car up next to mine and whipped out the jumper cables. Much to my chagrin his face mirrored my exact thoughts...."How do we use these things without blowing something up?"

I called my handy dandy spouse on the phone and he gave us step by step instructions on how to hook up the cables and charge my car battery. Low and behold it worked! I had a fully functioning car and a trio of absolutely mortified and embarrassed teenage girls. Gleefully I hugged the young man, handed him the cash I would have used to pay for our drinks and sped away. The peace sign he flashed at me as I drove out of the parking lot said it all. We were "Buds" and he had taken a huge step in his journey to manhood. He had learned how to use his jumper cables.

I made it back to work just in time to meet the stranger and give him his merchandise. (Doesn't that sound weird?) Everyone in my car appeared to be fine and unharmed if a little sweaty and breathless (the boy was cute!). The boss came in just as the man drove away and was met with three young women just dying to tell her about our adventure.

Funny how things like this happen. The girls learned a lesson I hadn't intended to teach. Not how to be patient and witty when waiting for overdo service, although that was included, but to take charge of their own situation whatever it is. You can't always wait for someone else to fix things for you . You can't depend on anyone or any service to be available just when you need them. Step up, take charge, and be nice to the guy who helps you out.

I am Woman! Hear me Roar!

1 comment:

devon said...

ok, this post is hysterical to me for a number of reasons. (not in a funny way, but in a "wow, that takes me back or makes me think,way:)

1: the 3 musketeers, no such thing anymore. most men are metrosexuals. aka: they have no idea how to take care of a woman, hence the reason i married my meat eating, chainsaw loving hubby. there is such a thing as a man who is a MAN, yet can express his feelings. yay! that's disgusting there were THREE men and they looked at you like you were crazy and had no idea how to help you.

2: yes, i was a woman who was scorned and it is not a crime to ask for help, and surely a man who had a black eye should not be a young man too happy about what he has gone through recently, yet he volunteered to help you. there is still chivalry in the world! (bonus)

3: i believe i was at one time that mortified girl, (the girls in your car) but am now that mortified mother, (with a little more insight) and know that the three girls in your car have benefited from that experience because they will never be the young lambs. they will think of you and remember your mother lioness prowess and how you took charge of the situation and believe me, that molds young minds and will stick with them.