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April 18, 2008

Just say "Thank You!"

Today has been one of those days spent on the telephone talking to people who tend to aggravate most of us. It's not their fault really, it's the job. I'm talking about insurance CSRs and Doctor's office billing companies, and those places we depend on to do a fast and accurate job with our records or money.

I'm probably a little less patient than others because it's a job I've done in my past and anal little dickens that I am, I took pride in getting it done right the first time and in a timely manner. That's been several years ago now but I still expect the rest of the world to do things in a courteous and professional manner.

I was rather surprised today when the conversations I had with these people were actually very productive. I started this chore of paperwork with great dread only to be happily surprised. Everyone was polite, helpful, and even, in some cases, friendly. I was amazed and grateful.

Sometimes things go our way even when we don't expect them to. Sometimes people surprise us when we are least expecting it. Sometimes the best and only thing to say is "Thank You!"

I hope you have a great Friday and a great weekend. I think I'll spend mine pleasantly surprising others. Is there such a thing as being devilishly kind? :) I hope so!


1 comment:

devon said...

i love that you post your innermost thoughts and they are basically what the rest of us go through day to day. :)