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April 20, 2011

Blue Wave Bracelet, My donation to Artists for Japan

A while ago I posted about a movement on Facebook, a group of artists raising money to help the victims of the recent Japanese earthquakes and tsunami.  It's taken a lot of thought about which piece I wanted to donate. I really didn't think it would be so hard! So I decided on my "Blue Wave" Bracelet.  The beautiful focal bead in the center reminds me of an island sitting right in the middle of the ocean...just like Japan.

I used Capri Blue iridescent Capri Blue seed beads for the bracelet base. Then I added the loops which create a wave like movement using Capri blue sz 11 seed beads and  12mm Metallic Capri Blue Bugle Beads. It sparkles like water, is very comfortable on the wrist, and has great movement. The clasp is a pretty matte finished glass flower bead centered with a (you guessed it!) Capri Blue Swarovski Crystal and seed bead. The closure loop is "stretchable" so it doesn't have to be so large to fit over the flower but stretches over it instead making it a bit more secure and leaves less of a gap at the ends. The bracelet is 7" long (not including the clasp) and sells for $70.00. Oh and by the way, ALL of the seed and bugle beads are Japanese! (See photos)

This is how it works...I post my bracelet here. You go to the Facebook page, look at the photos by category (bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc.) and let them know you want to purchase this bracelet. Give them a couple of days to get it categorized. They have a PayPal Account already set up. They notify me and I ship it to you for free! This is all set up in conjunction with the American Red Cross so we know the money is going where it is most needed.  

Note: Before you purchase...these photos make the blue appear...well....blue...almost navy blue. It isn't but Capri Blue is a really hard color for me to capture and I don't know how it's going to show up on your screen. It is definitely more a blue-green or teal blue.  If you have any questions in your mind about the exact color please refer to the Swarovski Crystal Color Chart.
Okay, finally, I think I may actually be almost caught up on my projects!

Live Joyfully!


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