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June 25, 2010

Riding my hiney off and my stress away....

The second day I rode Boo was much better than the first.  This time I was able to relax a little more.  I still struggled a bit with the mount and dismount, those will be some the more difficult things to master at this point.  What I did notice was a little more acceptance from my ride.  The first day I rode Boo he pretty much just snorted and walked away from me.  Today he seemed to recognize me and accept my presence in the barn.

Once again Pat and Chrissy took turns leading while the other stayed close to my side...just in case :)  I worked on deep breathing, keeping my head up and learning to relax to the sounds around me.  There are a lot of songbirds, trees, a couple of ponds, and beautiful flowers all around me.  I began to realize I can still see them with my head up looking at the horizon. I can still listen to them with my helmet on if I allow my  mind to be clear and calm.  I can "breathe" in time with the hoof beats of my horse....breathe in (one, two, three, four) breathe out (one, two, three, four), and relax. I'm learning to focus my thoughts on "the ride" and getting used to feeling "centered".  I've a ways to go...I find myself thinking about jewelry designs, things I'd like to write about, and everyday "stuff".  I need to learn to clear my brain and just focus on Boo and Me.  That's a tough one but I'll get there!

By the end of the second lesson I was feeling comfortable and relaxed emotionally but the pain in my lower back and the muscle spasms were a reminder to get off the horse.
I dismounted and that was still very difficult for me, both physically and emotionally. I was very aware of how awkward I was.  Graceful is not a word I would use to describe my dismount at this point. I know I will get better but for now it's just flat embarrassing!

 The muscles in my lower back just aren't loose enough or strong enough to pull my leg over the saddle alone.  Not only that, to dismount you have to move the upper body in the opposite direction.  For instance, to dismount on the left I have to lean my upper body forward and to the right of the horses head while trying to tell my lower body to move the opposite direction.  My brain just won't let me go there.  I get "stuck" when I think about it, therefore I need help.  I hate that part!  I want to be independent of help when mounting and dismounting!  Well, maybe a little help would be okay but just to hold the horse and saddle when I need to get on and off.  I do appreciate the mounting block!  My short legs would have a hard time getting up and over such a tall horse. I don't know how many "hands" high Boo is, but he's a big guy!

Today, after riding, I tried to give Boo a gentle stroke and thank him for allowing me to ride.  He actually turned his head toward me!  I leaned forward to give him a hug and BAM! smacked him right in the head with my riding helmet.  He was fine, I was mortified!  Thank goodness he decided to be gracious and ignore the head bump :)  He did accept the carrot I offered afterwards with vigor!

I'm so looking forward to my next ride.  You know....I don't think my back hurts nearly as bad after I ride...time will tell.  I know I feel calmer and walking around afterwards helps stretch any tight muscles in my legs, back, and thighs.  It feels GOOD!

I may just sleep tonight!

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