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January 24, 2010

Bead Soup Party Exchange

I'm so excited about this party!  I got an email from my exchange partner Debbie Goering and we worked out the logistics...snail mail addresses, etc.  We didn't discuss our design styles or what kind of materials we normally work with. I visited her blog to check out her work so I'd have some idea of what she normally works with....all with the intent of sending her something completely out of her element.  I thought it might make for more fun and tease her creative muse. 

However, as I got in the mode of collecting components and a clasp for her package, I found myself gathering items I would use.  We have very similar design styles.  I didn't send a huge package.  I was rather in a dither about it too!  Send more? Send less?  Did I send enough?

I finally decided "less is more".  My intent was to share a "spark" ... the kindling so to speak...without actually gathering all of the wood and lighting the fire!  I can tell you, Debbie has enough creative energy to set her own fire :) Just look at these earrings from her Etsy shop!  Aren't they gorgeous!

Go visit her blog to see the materials she received from my hearth.  While you're there take a look at all of her wonderful jewelry designs!  Prairie Emporium, Handcrafted Jewelry

1 comment:

Prairie Emporium / Debbie said...

Adrienne, thank you so much for all you kind words. You write such nice posts and e-mails, I feel as if I have a new friend for sure.