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February 15, 2009

Is there still romance after 25 years of marriage?

You bet there is :) It may not be the kind of romance we used to share and it may come in the oddest of moments but there is still a bit of romance to be found.

Today we shared a job we both really dislike doing....grooming the dogs. His gift to me was in clipping the nails, a job I abhor and he doesn't much like either but he did it for me.
He and Chrissy bathed both dogs for me...another job I don't mind but hate doing on the same day. Grooming is hard work and for me to do all steps alone and then clean up afterward is almost impossible. I clipped, and cut, and brushed, and combed, and sweet talked the dogs into absolutely adorable examples of the Terriers they are supposed to resemble. Chrissy and Barry followed with broom and cloth to clean up after I made a monumental mess. Together we managed to accomplish a really big job. That is a gift.

Today we worked on a jigsaw puzzle together. We've had it quite a long time and it's one I gave him to go with his Harley Davidson collectible "stuff". I was amazed! He doesn't really like doing these puzzles, it's more fun for me, but he worked diligently and with great patience on it. Funny, I haven't had much time to work on it but I didn't fuss at him for spending a perfectly good Saturday on something so "unproductive". It's Valentine's Day after all!

The best part was when he brought the giant heart shaped cookie he gave me....along with a knife to cut it because he wanted a piece :) I'm happy to share my heart with him along with my cookie :)

We spent the day together, under the same roof, occupied by different and shared projects, meeting in the middle to share gifts that would seem meaningless to most, a kiss or a hug and most importantly a quiet kind of love that doesn't require much in the way of flashy cards, dinners out, or flowers. This is the kind of romance I most treasure.

I hope you had a happy Valentine's Day with the love of your life. Exciting or quiet, lavish or low-key, sexy or just snuggled up, I hope you had a day as wonderful as ours.

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